Play is Our Work.

Amplify Play offers a three-pronged approach to building a better gaming community: Teach. Inspire. Connect.

We believe games can go beyond fun to teach, inspire, & connect.

Our mission is to AMPLIFY the usefulness of games as educational, team-building and memory care tools as well as to AMPLIFY games created by & featuring underrepresented demographics.


  • You can rely on the Amplify Play Blog for information on everything from user-friendly reviews to expert industry insights.


  • Amplify Play offers a variety of ways that we can inspire your organization to higher levels of creativity and cohesion. Our range of virtual offerings include diversity & inclusion workshops, professional development events, team-building activities, and speakers for your conference, business association, school or non-profit.


  • Our networking events provide both formal and informal opportunities for everyone in the tabletop games industry to meet and interact with others from around the world, while our Freelancer Database connects professionals from traditionally underrepresented demographics with those who are hiring, both within and outside of the tabletop gaming industry.