Angel Viator Smith (she/her)

Editor ° Sensitivity Reader ° Freelance Writer

I hold a Master of Arts in International Communications. The bedrock of this field is understanding that successful communication includes both what you intend to communicate and how your audience perceives it.

Previously, I have worked with creators and publishers in the gaming industry and for fantasy and YA authors.


Estimates are based on an hourly rate, word count and pages per hour.

  • 5,000 – 10,000 words = $100
  • 10,001 – 30,000 words = $425 (only Sensitivity Reading $150)
  • 30,001 – 60,000 words = $825 (only Sensitivity Reading $275)
  • 60,001 – 100,000 words = $1350 (only Sensitivity Reading $450)
  • 100,000 + words = $1350 (base price) + hourly rate

Contact me to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your project and estimated costs


I work with authors to help ensure what you intend to communicate is shining through. My editing process includes feedback on continuity and flow, while simultaneously identifying a work’s natural style guidelines.

Services Included for Editing:

  • Open and ongoing dialogue with the author/creator.
  • Two rounds of edits (one style/line and one copy).

Sensitivity Reader

As a Sensitivity Reader, I offer insight into how different audiences will engage with your work. As Latina with passing privilege, I have a wide range of topics that I can read for. And while I cannot speak for experiences I have not lived, I can offer additional feedback based on my understanding of anticipated engagement by other audiences. My feedback process involves offering insight into how various audiences might perceive or engage with your work.

My workshop on building and nurturing inclusive communities has been featured at GenCon and SXSW Gaming and I have been a panelist on Encouraging Ethnic & Gender Diversity in Gaming at Game Theory Expo. Additionally, I have spent two decades advocating for underrepresented populations and using communication tools for community building.

Personally, I grew up in the United States’ most diverse county and currently live in the United States’ most diverse city. I have also lived and studied internationally and have had roommates from around the world. My previous work in higher education included becoming a certified LGBTQIA Ally, training on best practices to support first generation/low income college students, and supporting international students and scholars as they navigated the visa process and arrival in a new country.

General topics that I can read for:Topics of expertise:
-Insensitive/racially or otherwise charged language (-isms/ -phobics)
-Unintentional bias
-Class/socioeconomic, poverty issues
-Sensitive handling of the topic of abuse
-LGBTQIA representation
-Inclusion of underrepresented populations
-Avoiding tokenism
-Identifying potential inaccuracies of a culture
-Women’s issues
-Women working in male-dominated spaces
-Respect of cultures
-Latin-American culture

Services Included For Sensitivity Reading

  • Work will be read in its entirety and a report will be provided based on the stated goals of the client.
  • Feedback will be in the form of notes in the manuscript on how different audiences might engage with specific words or phrases, scenes, elements or mechanics.
  • Specific problematic words and phrases will be highlighted and reference given as to why they could be engaged with in a negative light.
  • A summary of overall thoughts including the theme and any issues with representation.
  • The reading report (notes & summary) will be returned by an agreed-upon deadline.
  • One round of follow-up questions/clarifications is included.
  • No copy or line editing will be performed.

Important notes for Sensitivity Reading

  • I cannot guarantee that the work will not be criticized by someone with different lived experiences.
  • My sensitivity read is not an endorsement of your work or subject matter.
  • I will not disclose any information about your unpublished work, but after publication I reserve the right to react to/criticize the work the same as any other published work.