Play is Our Work

From team-building and networking, to problem solving and math, games go beyond an enjoyable pastime in our unique, interactive workshops and events.

Diversity & Inclusion

Companies that incorporate diversity and inclusion into the workforce see 27% higher profitability and 22% less turnover. Whether you want to create or reinforce a culture of inclusivity, this interactive seminar will provide your group with immediately-usable tools for creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community. Originally featured at SXSW Gaming, this 90 minute workshop can accommodate up to 20 participants.

Professional Development

Studies have shown that students of all ages learn better through play.

Our Professional Development workshops provide 3 hours of continuing education credits for up to 15 people.

Private Classes
We will work with your team-lead to customize the ideal private class for your team. A variety of topics are available from using board games to promote student interest in STEM subjects to how to incorporate elements of role-playing games (RPGs) in your class to boost learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Public Classes
We also regularly offer public classes for individuals.

Team Building

“They can blow off steam, decompress, and network all at the same time.”

-Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

Winning in business is rarely a solo endeavor and games are an excellent low-pressure networking environment. Additionally, Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn Corp. has described board games in general as a kind of off-duty MBA course that can exercise the brain to think strategically.

Join us virtually for a truly unique team-building experience. During the experience, your group will learn up to three games that will spark strategic thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. Not only will your group get to work together toward an in-game common goal, but they will be coached on communication strategies.